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SOLE - The International Society of Logistics
Welcome to the world of logistics...

Logistics World is a directory of logistics resources on the internet. Find logistics companies, logistics providers, supply chain consultants, supply chain management, freight forwarders, freight companies, trucking companies, moving companies, movers, shipping companies, air freight, air carriers, ocean freight, ship lines, rail freight, third party logistics providers, warehouses, freight transportation and more. Logistics World is your guide to sites related to logistics, logistics management, freight, transportation, supply chain management, warehousing, distribution, maintenance, manufacturing, management, travel, tourism, reliability, business, and quality sites on the web.

Logistics World provides businesses and professionals in the field of transportation, logistics, and supply chain management the opportunity to enter their business or company information in the Logistics World Logistics Directory.

You can also take advantage of any of Logistics World's Internet Advertising Packages. Target your products and services to the freight transportation, logistics, travel, tourism, and supply chain management industry!

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SOLE - The International Society of Logistics - a non-profit international professional society composed of individuals organized to enhance the art and science of logistics technology, education and management. Take a look!

Grey Beard Associates - Results-oriented, logistics process improvement consultation. In today's fiscally constrained environment, we believe it is essential to ensure every dollar expended yields the "Best Bang for the Buck." That starts with effective strategic planning and ends with optimized execution. We have the skill and experience to give your organization a win. We are flexible, motivated and ready to go to work on any size project for you!


What is logistics? - A collection of logistics definitions compiled by LogisticsWorld.

Country Profiles - Data and information about countries around the world, including airports, waterways, railways, roadways, merchant marine, capitals, population, import/export trade, GDP, growth rate, and more...


Logistics News

 IAG Cargo
IAG Cargo Announces 40% Jump in Capacity on London-Rio De Janeiro Route

 Barcoding, Inc. Named to CRN's Solution Provider 500 List
 Inbound Logistics Magazine Reveals Top 100 Logistics Technology Providers in Annual Supply Chain Technology Market Research Report
 London Gateway will add value to supply chain, Chicago 3PL summit told
 Update 5: Incident Involving the Containership MOL Comfort
 BDP Online App Facilitates ISF Compliance
 Terry Percival, SBS
SBS Worldwide Appoints Terry Percival as Operations Manager ?Ocean Freight Division

 Update (No. 4): Incident Involving the Containership MOL Comfort
 P&G Furthers Commitment to Commercial and Heavy Truck Industry with 5 Year Supply Agreement
 Peter Ward, DP World
DP World London Gateway Rides the Wave on the Gold Coast

 DHL raises the bar for China-Russia connectivity
 Vanguard Logsitics Services
Employees of Vanguard Logistics Services Donate Over $12,000 to NJ Residents

 LibanPost Adopts Global Postal Code System
 International Gem Tower NY Hosts TransGuardian Patriot Act Seminar for Diamond Industry
 UK Rail Industry must stay on 'track' with training say Thales Training & Consultancy research
 Update (No. 3): Incident Involving the Containership MOL Comfort
 Update: Incident Involving the Containership MOL Comfort
 DHL highlights emerging supply chain trends within the technology sector
 Joint venture offers state-of-the-art packaging centre in Mumbai
 CMA CGM, Maersk Line and MSC to establish an operational alliance
 Michael Ford, BDP
BDP's Ford to Co-chair Key AAEI Committee

 Geodis Wilson wins award for Project Cargo Forwarding
 Contract logistics 'needs a new mindset', says Ti's latest report
 Is your procurement management efficient?
 Incident with Containership MOL Comfort
 Freightbook Release Version 2.0 of their Smartphone Service
 Air Charter Service Wins Top Aviation Industry Award
 DHL launches industry-changing temperature controlled Life Sciences air freight service
 DHL offers sustainable spare part delivery solution in urban areas
 DHL study predicts direct distribution channels to the end consumer for the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers
 From first sketch to dealership - DHL supports entire automotive product cycle
 DP World London Gateway Are Coming To America
 Commercial Capital LLC Launches Enhanced Freight Broker Financing Program
 Kerry Logistics-Chongqing Logistics Centre
Kerry Logistics Opens Three New Logistics Centres in China

 Extendable Flats (up to 85?
 Seafood Shipping
 Transportation Companies are equipped to handle the Challenges posed by Wide Load Shipping
 Amerit Fleet Solutions Offers Advice for Alternative-Fuel Fleets
 Cox Transfer, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Horton Trucking
 NYK and GDF SUEZ strengthen their collaboration with the charter of another LNG carrier
 Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is certified according to IRIS International Standard
 TruckingOffice Introduces Advanced Street to Street Route Planning
 Goodman develops a 32,200 sqm logistics facility in Berre-l'Etang
 Geodis Brazil to Exhibit at Intermodal South America
 SBS Worldwide Continues to Expand Partner Network
 New Business Win for DP World Southampton
 Lufthansa Cargo hosting third Cargo Climate Care Conference
 CMA CGM announces the opening of its New Dry Port in Baghdad
 Seacon and Kewill
Seacon Logistics rolls out Kewill Logistics Solution to new operation in Hungary

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SOLE - The International Society of Logistics

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